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LLC Fresh-Georgia currently operates three factories where all the company’s manufacturing work takes place. The three factories are for producing gas cookers, washing machines and water heaters. They are located in the Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) adjacent to the former Kutaisi truck manufacturing plant, keeping the industrial spirit of the city alive. 


Most of those employed in the factories of LLC Fresh-Georgia are Georgian. The company is committed to employing a local workforce and only hires foreigners when specific skills cannot be found within the domestic market. FRESH employs everyone ranging from workers to engineers to managers. The employees work as one solid team and aim at producing the best possible product. 


Fresh Georgia factories manufacture 65 different household appliance models. The plant has its own laboratory, which controls the quality of the products’ parts and materials, as well as the finished products. The Quality Control Department monitors every step of the production process to make sure that the safety and quality of the products meets the desired standard.


Currently our product portfolio consists of gas cookers, washing machines and electric water heaters. Starting in 2013 the company will increase its production capacity in all three factories. The addition of new factories for producing refrigerators and front-loading washing machines is also planned.


Gas Cooker


The factory makes six different models of gas cookers. They differ in size, color and functionality. The product portfolio includes pure gas cookers, as well as hybrid energy cookers which use both gas and electricity. 


The parts and materials used in the production of our gas cookers are imported from various countries including Egypt, China, Turkey and Italy. Some supplementary parts are purchased from local suppliers. 


Currently, the factory produces 10,000 gas cookers per month. However, in 2013 this number is to go up to 15,000 units. LLC Fresh-Georgia plans to introduce a new model of gas cooker that features an Italian design that will be made in eight different variations. 


Washing Machine


The electric parts and raw materials used in the production of washing machines are imported from various countries. These countries include S. Korea, China and Taiwan. It is remarkable that the motors, gear boxes and other electrical parts for our washing machines are imported from the same companies that produce these same parts for LG and TOSHIBA products.


The Fresh Georgia washing machine factory manufactures all their plastic parts and they are of a high quality. The factory employs about 100 people– 95% of them being Georgian.


The factory produces two main types of washing machines– a single tub and twin tub. They differ in size and functionality. Each product’s safety features, operability and overall safety are tested during the manufacturing process 100%.


Currently, the factory produces 10,000 washing machines per month. Next year, the addition of a new manufacturing line for making front-loading washing machines is planned. The capacity is planned to be increased to 12,000 units per month. 


Electric Water Heater


The factory makes four main electric water heater models that come in various sizes and functionality.   


Just like with gas cookers and washing machines, the entire manufacturing process of electric water heaters is constantly monitored to ensure the safety and quality of the final products. The current production capacity of the factory is 5,000 units per month. However, the company plans to increase this number to 12,000 water heaters per month in 2013.




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