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Welcome to the world of FRESH


Our goal is to provide you with the best quality home appliances and associated services, as well as build strong, long-lasting relationships with all of our clients. Our team of highly dedicated employees both in our factories and in our corporate offices work hard to create technology that adds value to your life. Please have a look at our products here or visit one of our dealer stores to begin your FRESH experience. 


Who we are


LLC Fresh-Georgia produces high-quality home appliances including gas cookers, water heaters and washing machines. We are proudly the only company producing household appliances in the Republic of Georgia. All of our products are sold under the brand FRESH and labeled “Made in Georgia”. 


LLC Fresh-Georgia is a subsidiary of the Egyptian-based Fresh Electric Company, a home appliance company that has been doing business for 25 years. The history of FRESH in Georgia began in 2009 when the company began setting up manufacturing facilities in the city of Kutaisi, which is located in western Georgia. In order to facilitate our business operation, the Government of Georgia created the Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone, which offers special tax incentives. 27 hectares of land was allocated to LLC Fresh-Georgia adjacent to Kutaisi’s former truck manufacturing plant. This is how our company came into being.


LLC Fresh-Georgia sells its products to most CIS countries. The company operates three factories and plans to increase that number to seven in the near future. The company also plans on increasing the range of products it offers to its customers. Our goal is to become a trustworthy and likeable brand in the home appliance market in Georgia and the CIS countries. FRESH plans to extend its product portfolio and offer a full range of household appliances including refrigerators, air conditioners, fans and other small appliances.


LLC Fresh-Georgia is oriented on advancement and growth. We are a dynamic company with great potential. We care about our customers and believe that our technology can add value to people’s lives.


Date of establishment: 2009

• Countries we export to: Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Products: Gas Cookers, Electric Water Heaters, Washing Machines

Future Products: Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, TVs, Fans, etc.

Total product range: 65


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